Character Information
Name Yumi
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Lawak Kampus Middle School
Relatives Ami (Twin sister), Unnamed sister
Friends Ami, Lisa, The Cat, and her sister
Musuh The Cat (Sometimes), Ugly People, The Polite, Damien, ans Jun
First Appearence Lawak Kampus #1

Yumi is the twin sister of Ami and the owner of The Cat.


Yumi's interest is similar to her twin, which is love to shop and will go shopping together with Ami. He has a friendly relationship with Ami although they sometimes fight like other siblings. He and Ami have a strange relationship, that is, they can read the minds of one another. He has a pet cat named Cat. They sometimes quarrel. But even though they were fighting, he still had the heart to help the Cat.


Yumi has a hairstyle similar to Ami but her hair is curly and covers her left side. She usually wears a high school uniform, which is a pinafore light blue school with a deep white corolla, a pair of socks and white shoes.

At home, Yumi wears t-shirts and short pants. During his trek through the woods, Yumi wore a white t-shirt and a long green outfit with a brown tents bag.


  • Yumi often appears in the Lawak Kampus series compared to Ami.
  • She, Teacher Noodle, Pen and Dr. J share the same hairstyle.
  • She does not care about other people's stuff. She's just a story about her stuff.
  • Her name and Ami are taken after the Japanese rock/pop duo, Puffy AmiYumi.