Character Information
Name Xena
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Lawak Kampus Middle School
Relatives Discipline Teacher (Father)
Friends Vanness, Discipline Teacher, and Anthony (When he gives her a gift)
Enemies Anthony, Ugly Angel, and Cupid
First appearence Lawak Kampus #1

Xena is a known female student in the Lawak Kampus series with her ugly face. She is also Anthony's idol girl. Her father was a disciplinary teacher at Lawak Kampus Middle School.


She is crazy love about Vanness and will try anything to capture Vanness's heart so he likes her even if her love is rejected. Xena is also a daughter of her father's idol, a disciplined teacher at her school. When she was a kid, Xena was a cute girl but became fat and less beautiful because of her father who overcame his diet when she grew up.


Xena has a thick lips, a blooming nostril and a long ponytail. She usually wears a high school uniform, which is a pinafore light blue school with a deep white corolla, a pair of socks and white shoes.

During exercise, she wears a white t-shirt and a long dark green shirt.


  • Her mother never appeared in the Lawak Kampus series.
  • She has a fear of the weighing machine.
  • Vanness has been passionate with Xena in Volume #13.
  • She's so weird that she's very beautiful when she's a kid, but she's ugly when she grew big.
  • Dr. J have seen Anthony's ugly photo in Xena's mind in Volume 19.
  • Xena is a priestly character in the Lawak Kampus Dimensional Drift.