Character information
Name Vanness
Gender Male
Occupation Student
School Lawak Kampus Middle School
Relatives Tidak diketahui
Friends FroggyAditas, The Empty, Bepop, George, Rich Kid (Sometimes), Agira, Unknown (Sometimes), Lisa, Ami, YumiJim, The Fraud (Sometimes), Blue People, Robot Vanness, Liana (Formerly), Fridge Head, Shunichi, Fewit, Private Bodyguard, and Ah Keong
Enemies Xena, Mickey, Sharkhead, Teacher Noodle, Principal, BossTiger, Couple, Unknown, Discipline Teacher, Doctor Otaku, Edmund, The Mask, Jin, Kindergarten Kid, Ah Beng, National Service Coach, Ahmoi, David, Justin, Homework Kid, Dentist, Kung Fu Teacher, 'KINI' Reporter, Fiona, School Librarian, Surgery, The Noticed, The Fraud
First Appearence Lawak Kampus #1
"Even though we're BFF but... it's dead I will not use this toilet!"
—Vanness, Lawak Kampus Volume 30

Vanness is a major character in the Lawak Campus series and is the most mischievous student in school. He is a good friend of Aditas and sometimes, they will make a difference together. She is also Xena's beloved man.


Vanness is the most misleading and lazy student in his school. He likes to waste time sleeping in Teacher Noodle's class or on school holidays, surfing Facebook and playing "Monster Hunt" on his PSP together with Aditas. Although he is not very clever, he is good at strategizing in replicating the exam time, getting an iPhone 6s plus or a new game.

He does not like Xena and will always run away from her. In a series of Lawak Campus, he also tried several ways to eliminate Xena but did not succeed. He will feel diligent or excited when he sees Xena. Aside from Aditas, George is also a good friend of Vanness and will help her in any trouble.

Vanness is also a kind person sometimes. He helps his friends even though the way his help is a lazy or unreasonable way.


Vanness has a capillary hair, wearing an orange goggle on his head and a small square plaster on the left side of his face. He usually wears high school uniforms, white-collared clothes, dark green outing, pair of socks and white shoes.

At home or during sleep, he wears a white t-shirt and a black outfit.


  • Vanness's name was taken after the Taiwanese actress, Vanness Wu.
  • Although he is a major character in the Campus Law series, his family has never been mentioned or seen.
  • Vanness has the ability to understand monkey language. That is why he can communicate with George and George's friends.
  • In Volume 27, Vanness can also understand and commune with the lion.
  • His hair has the ability to turn into a Vanness clone when pulled out and blown out of his hand. This ability is the same as one of the characters from The Journey to the West, Monkey King. This tattoo is only used when pursued by Xena only.
  • He had a passion for Xena in Volume 13.
  • Vanness has a robot that looks like him named Robot Vanness who appeared for the first time in Volume 11.
  • His eyes were once in the first volume, ever back in Volume 28.
  • Vanness is the Player character in Lawak Kampus Dimension Drift.
  • Vanness once gave an apple that had fallen over the poop to his enemy, Mickey.