Teacher Noodle
Cikgu noodle
Character Information
Official Name Cikgu Noodle
Gender Male
Occupation Teacher
Workplace Lawak Kampus Middle School
Relatives Mrs. Noodle (Mother)
Friends Beehun, Principal, Mrs. Noodle, Cyborg Noodle, Penguin (Sometimes), and Teacher Noodle's Parrot
Enemies Penguin, and Cyborg Noodle (Sometimes)
First Appearence Lawak Kampus Volume 1

Teacher Noodle (Malay: Cikgu Noodle) is a teacher who noticed that he was handsome. He was not liked by all the students because of his feelings and his little feminine character. In addition to his beautiful face, he also often wants to get attention from other people.

Sometimes, the principal doubts that Teacher Noodle is suitable for teachers. Teacher Noodle also has a fierce rival with a penguin named Penguin, who is similar to him but smarter than Teacher Noodle.


Teacher Noodle is a person who always takes care of his appearance. He always carries his makeup equipment wherever he goes. His shoppers who like to shop for branded goods have always been the cause of him being poor at the end of each month and unable to buy food (His students sometimes help him with food). He also likes to have a movie if he can make it at the right time.


Teacher Noodle has a long black hair that closes his face on the left and triangular-shaped nose. He is always seen with white clothes, black tie and black outfits.


  • In Volume 1, his name is Teacher Nickolus before being changed to Teacher Noodle.
  • Teacher Noodle once switched his hair once to the right and his right face could be seen.
  • In Volume 14, Teacher Noodle had an annoying companion like, Beehun.
    • Beehun once replaced the Teacher Noodle's class when the Principal instructed Teacher Noodle to look for other people to replace his class other than Penguin.
  • Teacher Noodle's hair had been short cut due to the action of The Cat after being hit by it while walking. Can be seen in Lawak Kampus Volume 19, page 107
  • Apart from Teacher Noodle, Penguin, Yumi and Dr. J share the same hairstyle, their hair closing half of their faces.
  • He has an ill-fated mother but is still active like Aditas' Brother.
  • In Volume 28, he had attempted to eat his vomit once he was thrown into his throat.
  • Once Teacher Noodle tried to disguise him wearing a Penguin-like suit, but failed.