Aliases Principal, Big Teacher (formerly), Mr. Macho Man
Gender Male
Occupation School principal/Female dresser
Workplace Lawak Kampus Middle School/Internet
Relatives ???
Friends Teacher Noodle, Teacher Linda, Discipline Teacher, Kiano, Pen, Boss, Tiger, JasonVanness (Sometimes), Aditas (Sometimes), Froggy, Ami (Sometimes), Yumi (Sometimes), Lisa, The Interview, The Boxing Man, Mr. Wong, and Anti Cheating Squad
Enemies Vanness, Aditas, and Teacher Taiko
First Appearence Lawak Kampus #1

Principal is an authoritative professor who is sensitive to the state of his school, Lawak Kampus Middle School. He always looks for ways to inculcate his students' enthusiasm for engaging in beneficial activities.

His personality is quite feminine (like Cikgu Noodle) and likes to dress like a woman. In addition, she also sells women's clothes by using Mr. Macho Man. The principal like to relax while drinking Earl Gray branded tea and wearing a slipper under the air conditioner in his office.


Principal has a thick beard, a nose growing and wearing glasses. He's always seen wearing white collars, black tie and brown shirts.

As she relaxed, she wore a pink slipper with a strawberry picture on it.


  • In the early Lawak Kampus series, the Principal had a weak heart.
  • The principals love to collect things that have a high tea style as a hobby.
  • Sometimes, Principal have been called by Vanness.
  • Sometimes he once did something bad. For example, she has been giving milk that expires on expiry date to schoolchildren.
  • The principal has the fear of storm, thunder and lightning. His phobia is named Brontophobia.
  • His car is always in trouble.
  • There's a cockroach in his hair. It can be seen in volume 10.
  • In volume 28, principal choose the color of Rose Gold for the latest iPhone.
  • Until now, the real name of Principal is unknown.